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Find that Robot is designed to be a fun small game that is free to use. In order for us all to get along, please only use this website if you agree to the following terms:

‣ You accept that this website is made available on an as-is basis and no warranties or assurances are made or implied. We make no guarantees that the game or website will be free of errors and can not be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of using this website.

‣ You agree to refrain from using any software or techniques that may cause damage to, or unessessary load on the website. There are no prizes so if you're trawling through code trying to find the robot you're more Charlie Sheen than #winning.

‣ You agree that signing in with your Facebook account will post your name on the Scores table if you are in the top 10. If you wish to have this removed, please contact us at hello[at]findthatrobot.com

Movie Scene

Robot is visiting locations that feature in movies.

Robot in Wellington

Use the clues and then try to find him on the map.

Clues Screenshot

The less clues you need, the more points you score.

We're sorry

Find that Robot is based around Google Maps Street view. Unfortunately this means that you can't play it on your phone just yet.

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